Светлое посвящение. Большой гонг-концерт в Тарту
29 November 2023, Wednesday
Время: 19:00 – 20:30
Длительность: 1 hours
Светлое посвящение. Большой гонг-концерт в Тарту
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25-30 eur

Discounts for students and pensioners

Big gong concert

Luminous blessing

November 29 / 19:00 / Tartu St. John's Church

We invite you to a concert where 4 gong masters will unite their instruments to fill the historic St. John's Church with wonderful cosmic sounds to create a musical bridge from the dark month of souls to the bright season of Advent.

A unique and profound experience awaits you, which can help you relax, deepen into a meditative state, find spiritual healing and feel the therapeutic vibrations of sounds in your body. It is also a great way to escape from the everyday routine and enjoy the beauty of music and sounds.

GONG is one of the oldest musical instruments used to expand mind. During gong meditation, brain activity slows down, alpha and theta waves occur. We get in touch with our subconscious, where information comes to us in the form of symbols. The uniqueness of this altered state of consciousness is that internal self-healing processes are activated and cells can regenerate. Our body regenerates and rejuvenates itself. At the same time, new ideas and non-standard creative solutions come.

In addition to gongs, other rare instruments that tune into a harmonious state will play: flat bells, sound bowls, ethnic flutes, wind chimes, ocean drums

The sound space will be created by:

  • LIlia Märtmaa and Denis Vinogradov - Founders of the Center for Healing Sounds in Tallinn, musicians-multi-instrumentalists, sound therapists.
  • Helina Raidma is a creator of sound spaces with Seto roots. He has honed his knowledge and experience with various Estonian and foreign teachers. Kaushaya Vishenkamatrioska and Ananda would be among the first to introduce healing sounds
  • Anne Toots Sound therapist both at concerts of gongs and sound crystal bowls as well as in professional work. Combining massage and/or meditative healing with sound therapy.

The concert takes place on November 29 at 19:00, lasts 1.5 hours without a break. Doors open from 18:30

Address: Tartu St. John's Church, Jaani 5

TICKETS can be purchased at Fienta


or at the venue before the concert

  • 25 eur - advance ticket
  • 30 eur - ticket on the day of the concert
  • 15 eur - pensioners and students
  • 10 euros - school children

INFO: mob / WhatsApp +372 559 30 551 / info@helid.ee

19:00 - 20:30
Tartu Jaani kirik
Jaani 5, Tartu

25-30 eur

Discounts for students and pensioners

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