Dragon Gong Night
10 February 2024, Saturday
Time: 22:00 – 23:59
Duration: 1 hours
#sound therapy
#sound journey
#sound therapy
Dragon Gong Night
Concert, meditation
#sound therapy
#sound journey
#sound therapy
Estonian, Russian, English

Sat February 10 th at 22:00
Dragon Gong Night
A concert and sound meditation that lasts all night

On February 10, the eastern Year of the Dragon begins. We invite you to meet him in an unusual way. We will tune in to the energies of this year in a sound meditation, a concert that lasts all night long and during which you can sleep swetly.
The Gong Night is a special event at our studio, gathering under its roof those who like to experience something completely new, those who seek to gain an unforgettable experience, have a good rest, release tensions and relax deeply. This is a bright journey to your inner space, which will be accompanied by the sound of gongs tuned to special planetary frequencies. You will be able to achieve very deep relaxation, rest, recharge with harmonious sound vibrations, and your dreams will become vivid and memorable..
GONG is one of the oldest musical instruments used to open one's mind. During gong meditation, brain activity slows down, alpha and theta waves occur. We get in touch with our subconscious, where information comes to us in the form of symbols. The uniqueness of this altered state of consciousness is that internal self-healing processes are activated and cells can regenerate. Our body regenerates and rejuvenates itself. At the same time, new ideas and non-standard creative solutions come.
In addition to gongs, other rare instruments that tune into a harmonious state will play: flat bells, sound bowls, ethnic flutes, wind chimes, ocean drums
Retreat will be led by sound healers and transformational event creators:
LILIA MÄRTMAA and DENIS VINOGRADOV - Founders of the Center for Healing Sounds in Tallinn, musicians-multi-instrumentalists, sound therapists
☀ 22:00 Meditation - tuning in to the energy of the Year of the Dragon and a concert - Gong Bath, at which not only gongs will sound, but also other instruments: singing bowls, didgeridoo, flutes, etc.
☀ 00:00 the Gong Night, when the gongs play a lullaby, to which you can not only sleep well, but also restore your body
☀ 7:00 wake up and light breakfast
Paay in cash on site
or bank transfer EE141010220274815228 HELIVÄGI OÜ HELIVÄGI OÜ
Please book your place in advance



📞 559 30 551 / 5628 5229
📭 info@helid.ee

Bring mattresses, blankets and pillows so you can sleep comfortably throughout the night. There are yoga mats, pillows, blankets on site that can also be used
Dress comfortably so that you feel warm and comfortable to sleep; it is advisable to take a bottle of still water with you.
Address: Pärnu mnt street 69, entrance T1, bell 20, 3 floor, in dance studio Koit hall
Домофон 20
Parking zone Kesklinn, tram / bus stop Vineeri
22:00 - 23:59
Koit tantsukool
Pärnu mnt 69, Tallinn
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