4 October 2024, Friday
Time: 15:00 – 23:59
Duration: 8 hours
#Himalayan bowls
#sound therapy
#sound journey
#sound therapy
#cocoa ceremony
#singing bowls
#tibetan bowls
Sound Power retreat
Активные медитации, движение, Воркшоп, семинар, Мастер-класс, Концерт, Медитация, Музыкальный джэм, Ритрит
#Himalayan bowls
#sound therapy
#sound journey
#sound therapy
#cocoa ceremony
#singing bowls
#tibetan bowls

☀Sound Power retreat☀

October 4-6 in Algallika retreat center
An exciting and healing weekend!

Dear friends
Immerse yourself in a world of sounds, rhythms and vibrations at a sound retreat in a picturesque protected area right by the sea. Here, far from the bustle of the city, we invite you to explore yourself through sound and movement practices.
The renewed retreat program is aimed at charging yourself with positivity for the whole year 2024 and relaxing to the maximum.
For three days we will “taste” sounds, sing, move, breathe and bathe in sounds.
You will be able to take a break from the hustle of everyday life, be filled with harmony, improve health, recover, get rid of stress and spend time in a good campaign.
🌼 Program
Active part
* Cool drum circle from Rauno
Sufi whirling
* Ecstatic dance
- Cacao ceremony with real ceremonial cacao from South America
* Sound yoga, voice release practices
* Breathing exercises
Relax and chill
* Sound Bath concert
Gong night
* Our cherry on the cake - Sound massage in water with Tibetan bowls
* createve workshopse and metaforic cards
Hot sauna and warm communication 🙂
Both women and men can participate in any age, no special training is required


🔔    DRUM CIRCLE - Rauno's drum rhythm circles are holistic and connect the body, mind and spirit. They regulate the subconscious and allow you to remove blockages. They create new connections and methods that allow energy to move and “kindle” the internal fire. Your inner child will be happy!

🔔 Gong Bath and Gong Night is a powerful sound practice with gongs playing all night. During sleep, our body is completely relaxed, which allows sound vibrations to work more deeply; and our brain at this time switches to theta and delta waves, which corresponds to the fast and slow phase of sleep. At this time, cleansing and restorative processes take place in the body. The sound of gongs helps to speed up and intensify these processes. Cell regeneration and cleansing of toxins take place, the functions of internal organs are restored, the subconscious is cleared of destructive patterns, they are released, an altered state of consciousness arises, in which insights and lucid dreams are possible.
🔔 Gong Night is a powerful sound practice with gongs playing all night.
It s like 10 gong therapy sessions at once
🔔 Sound massage with Tibetan bowls in water – gives a feeling of weightlessness and flight, and at the same time, restores the feeling of peace and safety of the mother’s womb. During the practice, the body is immersed in 36 degrees temperature water . Tibetan bowls, while in the pool, create a dome of sound vibrations, which will be amplified by water.
🔔 Ecstatic dance is a specially selected DJ set that helps you free your body, let go of your thoughts and surrender to the flow of movement.
🔔 Voice yoga
reathing and vocal practices helps open and unlock the voice center. Voice yoga restores a deep connection with your own creative self. This is a practice that helps to achieve a harmonious state of body and soul through the sound of your own voice
🔔 Sufi whirling
Sufi whirling meditation is a powerful Osho s meditation that relieves anxiety and stress, brings peace and joy.

Cocoa ceremony
🔔Native American tribes considered cacao the "food of the gods" and used it in almost all sacred rituals. Cocoa helped to communicate better and created a cozy atmosphere. Various magical properties were attributed to cocoa beans, and the tree itself was a divine symbol. Modern research proves that cocoa has healing properties. It contains antioxidants. The polyphenols in its composition affect cerebral blood circulation and stimulate brain activity. Anandamide in cocoa is involved in the production of the antidepressant endorphin, improving mood.

🌼 Retreat will be led by sound healers and transformational event creators:
Lilia Märtmaa ja Denis Vinogradov – sound therapy experience 15 years. Founders of the Sound Healing center in Tallinn, Estonia, gong masters, musitions-multiinstumentalists. Denis is also DJ and Lilia musical therapist.

RAUNO VAHER is a drummer/musician/natural phenomenon. Exposure to rhythms began in the mother's womb. He has been playing drums since he was 13 years old. He has played in bands both in Estonia and abroad for over 10 years. Currently active musician/healer/room keeper.

🌼 Price: 350 eur
Early bird price until 31/08- 320 eur
559 30 551, 5628 5229 info@helid.ee
Price including
➡ Participation in all activities
➡ Accomodation (2 nights)
➡ delicious vegetarian food (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch)
Check-in on Friday, October 4th, from 15:00 accommodation, at 16:00 we start with program , leaving on Sunday 6/10 at 17:00
⛺️ Place
Algallika is a cozy retreat center , located in Pärnu County, near the sea in a beautiful natural place. Accommodation in 2-3-4 bed rooms with all conveniences www.algallika.ee
How to get there?
The most convenient way to get there is by car (about 140 km from Tallinn). Write to us if you need transport or if you have seats in your car and can share it with additional passengers, You can also go by bus, we can pick you up from bus stop
Take with you
comfortable clothing for activities and meditations
we move barefoot, in socks or light slippers
Slippers for moving around the complex
mat and blanket for meditations, it s possible to use on spot
Bath accessories, swimsuit or swimming trunks for practice in swinning pool
A bottle of water. which you can fill in on site
Notepad pen for notes
Colored pencils, if you have
15:00 - 23:59
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